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Japan -- earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic eruption.
....... so.., i am feeling really...O_O or even worse right now,...

turned out, after the earthquake/tsunami catastrophe that striked Japan, there was also a volcanic eruption that has happened.
In one article that i have read, in one area after the disaster, almost 10,000 people were estimated to have passed away. I'm not sure of the number of counts, but i'm pretty there are still a huge number of casualties that's missing...

Knowing this... i am just.. really.. i felt like my ground was missing..
That's 10,000 PEOPLE!!.. if you imagine how much mourning and pain is given out for the loss of one person,
how much is it with 10, 000?!??!?!?
i wanna do something, but all i can do right now is trust in God that everything will be fine in time. We just gotta pray that after the volcanic eruption that happened, the misfortunes would stop coming and give Japan time to regain itself back.

I've never been in Japan, but it is one of the places in this world that I dream of stepping on, and so far i would say.. for a country, Japan is doing a good job making the number of casualties at minimum level as much as possible.

Secondly, i've been reading news and articles about it, and you know how people can post comments and reaction...
i would just plainly say that these people should be ashamed of themselves... they make a joke out of every single thing when basically all they know of is crap.

I might sound mean to say this, but if ever the same catastrophe did happen to them, i bet they wouldn't even stand a chance of surviving and finding their way of how to restart again. Lots of people lost their homes, and would probably have to start from scratch again.

Although i must say, if there was a center idea to this journal of mine, it would be something that I have noticed with the different reactions towards the Haiti earthquake damage from last year, and the reactions to the earthquake/tsunami that hit Japan this year.

Not to sound racial or anything, but why is it that when Haiti was damaged by an earthquake last year, all people's reactions was to help, give relief and seem to have all crap comments at minumun? then, this earthquake/tsunami hits Japan, and all of a sudden, all people's comments seem to give craps?... i mean i know i might sound bias about some of this, but...why is it like that?

And probably one of the crappiest comments ive seen was "why do people even care when a lot of people die"...
like,... that's just crap. I don't even know if the person who wrote that is a human? or does he have a pea brain? or.. what's wrong with him? if you slice through him, is it still red blood oozing out from him?... Seriously, i think these people who says this kind of stuff should go back to nursery or even take good conduct classes... or more so, lock yourself up in mental.

I mean, everybody knows that everybody has a right of speech, but i think people should know their limits. If you can't say something worthy or nice, then why don't you just don't even bother looking up to the news talking crap about stuffs.

Like, i would, obviously, Japan has probably a big influence in the world, in my perspective. With all the animes, and gadgets, and latest technology--> like who wouldn't know that Japan is like the central technology country?...

but the thing is, central or not, people are dying out there and their trying to survive, and what do people on the safe side do?. not care? turn a blind eye to it?... i'm not trying to sound heroic or anything... but the thing is... if your human, you'll consider stuffs like this.

Even the bit amount of prayer, can give so much already.
I just think that people should know that.


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