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...moments never happen the exact same way ever again...

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(=.=) T^T on hiatus status --> long period.
 T^T I desperately wanna find time to write  my stories and ideas...(even with my few no. of entries)
but unfortunately, i do not have a "mutant" skill of actually managing my time well... (-.-)
and with my homeworks (practically) taking me in as hostage everyday, i probably wont be able to start writing until Summer vacation, which is also a time for me to take full advantage of my freedom once i get there.. although it is likely a month away from now. -.-

so until then... adieu.. and hope you guys keep reading the awesome journals in this site! .LOL.\
ja ne! >(^_^)<

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oh no~
but will be just around til u come back.
kiotsukette ne~

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